Open Enrollment

December 3, 2018

Open Enrollment Ends December 15!

Two Weeks Left in Open Enrollment
As you know, open enrollment for health insurance is going on now through December 15th. What exactly does this mean? It means you have two weeks to finalize your plans for your 2019 health insurance. This applies for anyone, regardless of age. The only way to make changes to your health insurance in 2019 is if you have a qualifying event such as: getting married, change in job, etc. You don’t want to miss out on your chance for coverage, so let us help you!

How Can Turbeville Insurance Help You?
It is no extra cost to have Turbeville Insurance help you select the best health insurance plan possible. Open Enrollment can be a confusing and frustrating process to do on your own but using our services will enable you to obtain a better understanding of your health insurance policy. In some cases, we’ve helped fellow South Carolinians that thought they were not eligible for health insurance get a great policy with zero premium!

Getting Started with Your Health Insurance Needs
Health insurance is crucial to have to mitigate the risk of the unexpected. We can find you a policy with low premiums and possible tax credit or subsidy, without having to worry about your pre-existing health conditions. There is only a short time left to obtain health insurance for 2019, so go to to get started or call (803) 779-7666, to contact one of our insurance agents today.

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