Wedding Insurance Plan Saves South Carolina Wedding From Severe Weather

March 14, 2018

Turbeville Insurance Agency Client Shares Wedding Insurance Success Story

When you think of insurance, the last thought that probably comes to mind is wedding insurance. However, for Boyd Management Vice President, Barbara “Babbie” Jaco, this was a no-brainer policy. At work, Babbie acquires hundreds of insurance policies for properties all over five states, so finding a way to be protected from any potential situation was a top priority for her daughter’s big day.

The wedding venue was planned for The Farm at Ridgeway in South Carolina with more than 260 guests. Knowing there would be alcohol served initially led Babbie to reach out to Turbeville Insurance Agency for a liquor liability policy. While discussing the wedding details and her needs, Babbie was presented with the Wedding Protector Plan and decided to add the policy.

The thorough policy took note of every detail from the rehearsal dinner location, to the honeymoon, and even the bridal party attendants. She filled it out several months before the wedding and didn’t think about it again…until the news of an 8” ice storm coming up from Atlanta began to threaten her daughter’s wedding date.

Severe Icy Weather Threatened the Approaching Wedding Date

Babbie began to watch the weather, unable to sleep. She hoped the weather man was wrong and began planning possible scenarios. Initially she thought they could have the wedding at the rehearsal dinner (under a tent in the pouring rain, without music). The bride’s normally tough attitude started to waiver at the reality of losing her dream wedding day.

The weather report continued to predict severe weather and South Carolina’s governor declared a state of emergency. With less than 20 minutes to make the tough decision, Katie (the bride) + Pennington (the groom) made the call Thursday morning to move the entire wedding up a day. Pennington’s parents, Robyn and Michael Nieri, graciously agreed with the plan and moved forward with cancelling their rehearsal dinner at The River Road and Jasmine Houses and Garden. Thankfully, their contracts were also covered by Babbie’s wedding insurance policy. All of the family and out of town guests were able to help make the new wedding day a success because they didn’t have to worry about the finances involved.

Wedding Insurance Meant Money Wasn’t Going To Be An Issue To Move The Date

As phone calls were made, they were extremely lucky to discover all of their vendors were available to make the switch. They did not lose a single wedding guest, in fact, they gained two. At the end of the day, the only deposit lost was for the cost of the rehearsal dinner, which was reimbursed through the insurance policy. Katie was able to have her magical wedding day and be surrounded by all of the hard work she and her family spent months preparing for.

To this very day, Babbie still tells anyone who will listen to story of how wedding insurance saved her daughter’s wedding.

Not Sure If Wedding Insurance Is For You? Here’s more information:

According to a 2016 survey by The Knot, the average wedding costs $35,329. When brides and families are willing to spend more than the cost of a car on a wedding, insurance should be factored in to the budget. A wedding protector policy contains coverages protecting you from incidents including: severe weather, ruined photos, call to active military duty, vendor failure, damaged gifts, sudden illness, liquor liability, loss of wedding dress or tux, and more. Given that the South Carolina low country is prone to hurricanes, these policies can be especially beneficial to those individuals looking to get married in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Pawley’s Island, Hilton Head, or any other coastal area.

The cost for these wedding policies start as low as $160. If you want the added peace of mind wedding insurance can provide for you and your big day, be sure to contact one of our agents here at Turbeville Insurance Agency.

NOTE: The wedding insurance policy needs to be completed at least two weeks prior to the actual date of the wedding in order to receive full coverage benefits.

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